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Specification of Aluminum Pipe Wrap

Aluminum Pipe Wrap

Arma-Chek® Silver 350 is a multi-layer laminated of aluminum, coated with special UV protection and a polymer backing. Specially designed for cladding of Armaflex® insulation, Arma-Chek® Silver 350 offers excellent resistance to mechanical impact and protection from weather and UV damage. It provides a professional metal-look finish.
Arma-Chek® Silver 350 is lightweight, with permanent curl characteristics, making it quick and easy to install.

The competitive advantage of specifying Arma-Chek® Silver 350
• Faster to install than metal jacketing
• Pre-fabricated elbows, tees and end caps are available
• Eliminates the need for shop fabrication
• Easy-to-apply solution for all areas where protection against mechanical impact and a bright silver finish is needed
• Provides continuous long-term thermal efficiency
• Non-metallic cladding eliminates galvanic corrosion
• Low maintenance cost – quick and easy for removal and replacement
• Significant reduction of installation cost, time, manpower and material
• Easy-to-install - no special tools required
• Complies with international standards

Application Areas
• Indoor and outdoor applications
• Food and beverage factories
• Electronics industry
• Environments with hygiene requirements

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