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Class 1 Armaflex thermal insulation
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Specification of Class 1 Armaflex thermal insulation

Class 1 Armaflex thermal insulation

Class 1 Armaflex is a flexible closed cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation, providing a highly efficient method of controlling condensation and insulating against both heat loss and heat gain.

Class 1 Armaflex is dust free, fibre-free, CFC free and HCFC free with an ODP of zero. Its high moisture resistance factor (µ = 10,000) and in-built water vapour barrier enhances high resistance to water ingress, enabling the insulation material to maintain higher level of efficiency. Its’ excellent thermal values 0°C = 0.034W/(m?K) also makes it the ideal solution for achieving energy efficiency. Class 1 Armaflex can be used between temperature from -50°C to 105°C on all kinds of ducts, pipes and vessels such as hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork and refrigerated pipework.

The Competitive Advantage of Specifying Class 1 Armaflex
• Closed cell structure increases resistance to water vapour
• Minimize long term heat gain and reduce energy losses
• Dust free, fibre-free, CFC free and HCFC free
• Engineered wall thickness operates with the same line temperature in the same environment.
• Excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil and chemicals
• Fast and easy installation

Application Areas
• Chilled water lines
• Air conditioning ductwork
• Process pipelines
• Hot and cold water services
• Heating systems
• Refrigeration pipework and ancillary equipment

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