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Laminate Wood Floor Parquet Synchrowood
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Specification of Laminate Wood Floor Parquet Synchrowood

Laminate Wood Floor Parquet Synchrowood

Synchrowood laminate flooring has a collection of colors that pretty much always in the forefront in design and color and texture.
Synchowood is an official brand of Malaysian products and not OEM products that are imported from other countries and were given their own brands. This aritnya Synchrowood product is guaranteed both in quality and sustainability of their products.

Indeed, there are many options laminate wood flooring in the market are Indonesia and on the other hand there are limitations to the consumer determines the criteria of good quality wood floors. The disappointment felt by the consumer as a result of using poor quality wood floor lowers the attractiveness of laminate flooring.
Now Synchrowood enliven laminate flooring wood flooring market in Indonesia by offering a quality product. Synchrowood Laminate flooring is manufactured in Malaysia, specifically in the state of Sarawak Borneo.
Some references as a basis to say synchrowood is a good quality laminate flooring are:

Most of the wood material used is a hardwood from tropical forests such as Meranti, Nyatoh etc. and only for a series of products are low-end alone, Synchowood use of wood from plantation crops (plantation) as it is mostly used on laminate flooring products in circulation in the Indonesian market
The wood used comes from tropical plants will naturally be more suitable for use in Indonesia, rather than timber from a country that has four seasons.
Wood core material for laminate flooring produced using technology Daiken, a brand that is well known in Japan for products of quality wood such as wood door, MDF, laminate flooring etc.
Synchrowood laminate flooring manufactured with reference to European standards which laminate flooring products are divided into several classes such as AC-3, AC-4 and AC-5.

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