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PVC Pipe Georg Fischer
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Specification of PVC Pipe Georg Fischer

PVC Pipe Georg Fischer

GF PVC-U systems have been leading the industry for decades through continuous innovation and proven benefits on safety, efficiency and reliability. All aspects required to build, maintain and operate industrial piping systems are covered. PVC-U is one of the most widely used thermoplastic materials for pipe installations.
Polyvinyl Chloride offers the best value for many applications. PVC-U systems ensure the highest thermal stability and chemical resistance. PVC-U systems show very good characteristics in the temperature range of 0°C - 60°C (32°F - 140°F). The chemical resistance properties of PVC-U are excellent: it is resistant to most solutions of acids, alkalis, bases and salts, and solvents that can be mixed with water. Being odorless and tasteless, it is suitable for conveying potable water and many food products. PVC-U products are recognizable by their dark grey color.

Technical Data
• Size Range                           : d10 - d400 mm
• Pressure Rating                    : Varies by Size
• Operating Temperature        : 0°C - 60°C (32°F - 140°F)
• Jointing Technology            : Solvent (Cement) Weld, NPT Threaded Connections, Mechanical Connections
• Standard Ratings                  : ASTM D1784, ASTM D1785, NSF 14, NSF 61
• Material                                : Polyvinyl Chloride

Fields of Application
• Chemical Processing
• Textile Industry
• Potable Water Systems
• Microelectronics
• Vacuum Lines

• Universal use
• Very good chemical and corrosion resistance
• Proven physiological harmlessness

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